In today’s just-in-time manufacturing environment, Techni-Grip systems enable progressive manufacturing companies to further their lean operating strategies. From our smallest 5 Axis system to our largest Universal and Tombstone, every Techni-Grip system enables estimators, programmers, set-up personnel, machine operators and inspectors to increase efficiency, utilize more effective/creative manufacturing methods, reduce material requirements, increase process control capabilities, lessen personnel training requirements, decrease required operations and promote profitability.



General Fixture Information (all fixtures):

  • The body of the fixture is 6061-t651aluminum, hard anodized .0018/.0020 thick*
  • The dovetail clamp bodies are 15-5 steel, heat treated to 180/200ksi
  • The locating pins are 15-5 steel and .4984 +/- .00035 diameter, on 1.375 centers
  • Material Prep: (2) .500 diameters, .125 deep and 30 degree dovetail cuts, also .125 deep. May be offset in x,y or z for cutter accessibility or established in multiple directions/configurations on the material
  • Units may also be mounted parallel allowing to double the clamping platform width by using an extended bolt in the clamp assemblies and locating on (2) diagonal pins
  • Diametrical tolerance on the .500 diameters in the stock is contingent upon the dimensional precision required for the given application